Saturday, March 1, 2008

Feast of Love

I was at Blockbuster today picking up some movies (again??!!), looking around, trying to decide which movies to get. I skipped one section because this tall guy was in front of me and I didn't seem like he was going to move on any time sooner. I stepped back and looked at the next section. Then I paid attention to what the guy had on his hands: Feast of Love.

In all my years of going to Blockbuster, I had never seen a guy, alone, checking out a romance type of movie. He looked at the cover, read the back cover, put it back. Then looked at something else, got the movie again. I finally moved on, and a little while later when I went to check my movies out, he was in front of me, had 2 movies in his hand. I couldn't tell if any of them was Feast of Love though.

I wonder how many guys like to watch that kind of movie?

I didn't get it today, I might get it next weekend. After all, Morgan Freeman is in it, who doesn't like this guy? Here it is, image clickable:

Now, if you feel like a funny movie, get Death at a Funeral! I sure needed the laugh! =)
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