Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Overcoming the World, 2014 Ligonier Conference

Quotes from Albert Mohler's session "Sexual Devolution":

"True love and true compassion always come in the form of Truth".

"We have to recognize that these demands to change sexual morality are actually a demand for us to abandon the Gospel. And it's because of the basic biblical presupposition that we don't know why we need a saviour until we understand that we are sinners, and the bible's logic is this: we understand that we are sinners not just because we are told we are sinners, but because our sin is made visible to us in the clear teachings of Scripture, so we cannot not know that we are sinners. Which is to say, if we follow the logic of Scripture and the logic of the bible, if we redefine something that the bible says is sin as something that is not sin, then we mislead people concerning their need for Jesus. That is of devastating eternal consequences."

"Parents and grandparents, [...] you need to recognize that young people growing up in this society will be able to stand the larger cultural anarchy when it comes to sexuality only if they believe that their allegiance to Christ requires that they do so. And if they are not grounded in Christian truth, if they are not taught the principles of the Christian worldview, if they are not intelligent Christians who understand the discipleship of the mind, if they don't understand the comprehensive beauty of God's creation and what He's given us, if they don't understand that God's Law is that which brings Him glory but it also points to the structure that allows for human flourishing. If they are not deeply committed Christian, deeply grounded in biblical truth and in the power of the Gospel and in the totality of the faith once for all delivered to the saints, then they are not going to have the intellectual and the moral resources to say 'I am committed to a higher wisdom because I've heard from the Creator and He has a better plan for us than we have for ourselves."

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