Tuesday, August 12, 2008

YAY! Got my timetable!

About 10 days ago I got an email from the College saying that the timetable would be available on their site on August 13th. I've been checking my account since then, every single day! LOL
So this evening I check it again and it's there! YAY! I am happy! I don't have one single course starting at 8am! hehehe ok, all my morning classes start at 9am, but at least I will have some time to get the kids more or less ready to school before I leave - it takes me at least 30min. to get to school, but their schools are just around the corner.

** Note: for Brazilians who speak English and are reading this. "Around the corner" doesn't necessarily means what it says. hehehe It's one of those expressions that make a newcomer go "huh?", just like when you measure something and say "a couple of..." it doesn't always mean "two".

I picked my elective already (another online course, as I did last year), couldn't sign up for whatever reason. I choose "Cybernation", it seems very interesting, here's the description:

"This online course introduces students to developments in technology and to what motivates and drives these developments. It discusses how new technologies influence the way in which we work and live, and how we can understand and manage current technological change."

If I can switch one of my classes to another day/time, I will have Fridays off! ;)

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  1. Elaine, to aqui rindo a respeito das modernidades hehehe!Eh tao maravilhoso reencontrar amigos de infancia!

    O meu schedule pro semestre que se inicia eh MWF as 8:00 e TT as 9:00....not so bad huh? No Brasil a gente tinha que estar em sala as 7:00 da madrugada hehe! Ah eu fiquei curiosa, qual eh seu major? bjos.

  2. Eu to ficando inteligente, to conseguindo ler bem melhor esses postsssssssss...vivaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

    Maridex vai amar e ver que o dinehiro no curso de ingles esta valendo a pena....hehehhehe

    Mas escrever ainda tem chao....heehhehe

    Beijos, saudades suas la no meu cantinho

    Fiquem com Deus

  3. Oi Elaine, what are you going to school for? You mentioned on my blog a class about Photoshop and even though I've been using this program for years, I'm also taking a class about it now. Cool huh? Bjos