Friday, July 11, 2008

Time for sleep overs already?

It's here. And it's frightening. My son, my 6-year-old, asked me to have a sleep over at his friend's last night! I still remember how it was with my 12-year-old daughter, I had to go out in the middle of the night and bring her home, she would cry and say "I missed you so much!". Oh, a mother's heart, how confused that can be! I'd feel bad for her, of course, but inside of me something was happy to hear those words. I know, I know... I can only be human, and on top of it all, a mother!

Anyway... Ethan... he comes home and he is all excited about it, asks if it's ok with me, "it's ok with her mom!", their house is just across the street. Are you sure, I ask. Oh yes, he is sure. Then Brenda goes upstairs to help him "pack". heehehe so cute. Then they all come downstairs and ask me if Brenda can sleep over as well. Yes, if it's ok with Katherine's mom. They go ask, come back "it's ok!", go back to packing, I walk them to the neighbour's. I am convinced that I will have to come and get Ethan in the middle of the night.

Well... it's noon next day, and they haven't come back yet! I am sure he only stayed all night because Brenda was with him. hmmmm.... hmmm.... yes, I am sure.... hmmmmm

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  1. oi Elaine! Eu penso nisso tbm, nao tenho filhos, mas quando eles vierem nao vao crescer como eu cresci, numa familia grande, cheia de primos, era muito bom! By the way, seu menino chama acho esse nome LINDO! Eh o nome que eu quero colocar se um dia eu tiver um menino. Mais tarde vou ler mais do seu blog, to indo a um wedding rehearsal logo mais. Um abraco e bom fim de semana pra vc.