Thursday, July 17, 2008


I always wanted to say that! And guess what?, they ARE coming, it's true!

Of course I am talking about some nice British, none other than... {insert drumroll here}...

I so wish I could go :( But $omething $o mundane as $money$ is preventing me to. So if you go, let me know how do you like it, ok? Just do not rub it in too much, alright? ;)

But wait, there's more! :( Eagles are coming too!!! My heart can't take anymore...

Movies movies movies... There's so much going on, so many that I wanna go see... hmmm... Let's start with this 3D movie that everyone is talking about, Journey to the centre of the Earth. It's 3D people, 3D!!! I saw the preview a few months ago at the theaters... wow, it's great! We might go this weekend, kids have been asking me ;) click here to watch the trailer.

Now tell, who remembers The X-Files? Well, the movie is coming out next week! Mulder and Scully are back! Click for the trailer.

What else? After the The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is coming out August 1st! Brendan Fraser, Jet Li, and John Hannah.

And last, but not least, Batman The Dark Knight is coming out tomorrow! Click here for oficial site.

That's it for now, I have much more to say but it'll have to wait. You have no idea how hot and humid is tonight!

Until then, God bless!

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  1. Ei!!! Se você gosta tante deles, acho que devia ir!!! Compra o lugar mais barato, que seja... show é bom demais, ainda mais quando é alguém que a gente gosta muito.

    Ainda bem que o que eu gosto mesmo é MPB... não vou ficar tão tentada com os shows que aprecerem por aí :)



  2. Olá Elaine, obrigada pela visita!!!!!!!
    O que eu preciso é ter mais tempo para atualizar meu blog e contar as novidades.....
    Te visitarei também!!!
    Vamos manter contato.