Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's the day before...


Are you excited? My kids sure are! =)

I was planning to take some new exciting shots and post for Christmas. Too much planning, too little action. I am sorry! I would like to commit myself to a "365 shots" for 2009, just to give me a little extra push for shooting anything other than school assignments... hmmm... I will try! Not sure if I want to start with a theme, or anything goes, any ideas?

We did go to check out the lights at Toronto's City Hall. Boy, it was cold! We took some pictures there, nothing fancy, P&S kinda thing. Still in my camera. I am helpless, I know.

I had a rough year. You know, one of those that you look forward to see the end of it, so you can "start fresh" in the New Year? Yup, those. Times 5. It was that bad. I am not one of those people who always find the bright side of every bad thing, the "silver linning", the "life gave you lemons, make lemonade" kinda person. I don't think I am negative either. I am just... hmmm...  errr.... numb most of the time this year.

However... I'd like to express my gratitute today. For I look back and I can see how many wonderful things have happened to me, how many wonderful people I've met, regardless of every "lemon" that I got in 2008. I thank God for all my lemons this year, it was because of them that I met people that I wouldn't have met otherwise. It was because of my lemons that I learned important life lessons this year. And even though I think of myself as someone weak, I can see how these lemons made me strong and pushed me one step ahead. I am today stronger than I was in 2007. I just wonder... am I being forged like metal in fire? for the war ahead?

I only have one wish for 2009. One. Simple as that.

God, please, can I have some strawberries in 2009? And not so many lemons? Thanks!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas! I miss having a family Christmas, grandparents, siblings, the whole thing, the huge meal on Christmas Day, "pudim de leite", wearing new clothes for the special day, the day when we celebrate being "together". I wish you all a day of being "together"!

And for 2009, I wish you all lots of strawberries! But don't forget to share them in case you meet someone who gets more lemons than strawberries! ("in case" is really just a matter of taking a closer look around).

Be safe. Be well. Smile. Make a silly face in front of the mirror. Make someone laugh. Be silly. Sing a song, loudly! Do not be afraid of trying something new!

..:: God bless you all ::..


  1. Elaine,

    Obrigada pela sua companhia em 2008. Adorei 'conhecer'uma pessoa querida como vc.

    Espero sinceramente que seu Natal seja maravilhoso e que seu ano novo seja uma benção.


  2. Marry Christmas, hope you have a wonderful 2009 with all strawberries!

  3. Oiii!!!
    Quem eh vivo sempre aparece, neh??
    Que todos os seus sonhos se realizem, viu!!
    BFeliz Natal querida.


  4. Oi Elaine!! Feliz Natal!!

    Espero q dê para aparecer mais por aqui! ;)


  5. Elaine, um Feliz Natal pra você e sua família. E que 2009 seja um ano maravilhoso!

  6. Oi Elaine, Feliz Natal atrasado p voce tb!!! Desculpa, tava sumida da net na epoca das festas, vi seu recadinho! Obrigada. Fazia tempo q eu nao vinha aqui. Aproveito que estou aqui p desejar a voce e sua familia um 2009 cheio de realizacoes, e de momentos maravilhosos!!

    Ah, eu tava lendo seu post e li sobre os "limoes" hehe, eh soh pensar que Limoes fazem musses muito doces e otimas, e que as vezes strawberries sao azedinhos tb.

    O negocio eh ter paciencia quando esses limoes aparecerem... hehe. Beijinhos e FELIZ ANO NOVO!!!

  7. Oie!

    Pois que venham os morangos!!!

    Tudo de bom em 2009!