Friday, September 19, 2008

A thief with a conscience

note: this post is only a figment of your imagination, I am not here typing this. I am actually reading text for a school assignment that needs to be posted online tonight! =)

I could not ignore it. This is the first time that I hear such thing, and it happened in Brazil.
I tried to find websites in English with the story, but couldn't, only in Portuguese. Bear with me. =)

After taking the car, the thief realizes that there's a kid sleeping on the back seat - a 5-year-old boy. Immediately he calls the police, tells about the boy, tells them where he stole the vehicle from, that both parents (mother and stepfather) were in a bar at the time of the robbery - 1:45am. He tells them where he is going to leave the vehicle, and ask them to tell the father that if he finds the boy in the car again, he will kill him (the father, not the boy). The police goes to the address and finds the car and the kid, no sign of the thief. The department for child neglect has been notified and the parents will have to respond to proper charges.

I kinda had to smile a bit. Some criminals have a degree of what's right, what's wrong. This guy might even be a father himself. Nice to know that he would steal a vehicle but wouldn't leave his own child in the car; that is, if he has a kid.

It's also interesting to note that he had no problems calling the police; he wasn't worried about being caught.

This is how I see this. In a country where the biggest thieves wear suits and steal under everyone's noses, where impunity reigns, to be a thief with a conscience is a plus.

And for those who think that this can only happen in Brazil, here's a link to a story that happened in Montreal back in 2007.

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  1. Nossa.. eh mto bom ler algo assim. Ajuda a nao perder as espera├žas na humanidade! :)


  2. Chega ate a ser o cumulo do ridiculo, nao e'? Brincadeira. bjos