Thursday, September 11, 2008

These are the signs... {3}

Well... it's getting harder and harder to shoot new and interesting signs. Mostly because I have to pay attention to my driving, and second because whenever I come upon a sign worthy of being shot, I am usually at 120K/h on the highway and I don't think I should stand on the shoulders... police will not be happy with me! =)

I was hoping someone else would post some interesting ones on their blogs. :(

Here's a cute one this time. There are so much geese around these parts, we drivers have to be aware of them crossing the roads, it's really cute. Usually what you see is the mama (or papa, who knows) walking ahead and the little ones on a single line behind her. Or sometimes the entire community decides to cross. You just have to stop and wait. =)

..:: iQuack ::..


  1. We have a lot of ducks here... some canadian geese when its season...
    and its so cute when we stop traffic to wait them cross....

    I looked around, but there are no interesting signs in here... or at least none that i saw...


  2. I'm planning to put a few up from my trip to Europe soon. I love funny sign.

    My 'If I were' with a link to you will post on Sunday.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ai que bonitinho! Nunca vi um sinal desses por aqui. Voce mora em qual estado mesmo? bjos

  4. Elaine,
    Vc é muito querida e jamais fez alguma pergunta desagradável. E caso queira fazer, fique a vontade. A única coisa que eu não gosto é que as pessoas se ofendam com o que eu digo sem nem entender exatamente o que falei. Sua presença no meu blog é sempre muito bem-vinda.
    p.s: eu achei muito fofa a plaquinha com os patinhos..rsrs
    bjs grande

  5. Essa deve ser a placa mais fofolete em existencia!

    Eu tambem adoro tirar fotos de placas, anuncios e coisas anormais que eu vejo todo dia, mas a camera fotografica insiste em fugir da minha bolsa pra ficar em casa assistindo tv.

  6. Aqui tem plaquinha de veado..... mas eu nunca ouvi falar de algum que passou a pista....
    Mas deve ser bonitinho ver os patinhos passando! hehe

  7. That's really cute!

    If I come across any cool signs and I have my camera, I'll snap a picture and post it on my blog for sure!