Saturday, August 16, 2008

This and that.... and marmalade!

I had a haircut today, went to a different place referred to me by someone who had an awesome haircut. Well, I spent $20 and I have the exact same haircut that I had before going there, only an inch shorter. Depressing. Why is it that every hairdresser is afraid when I say "I want it short?" My hair is thick and curly, I understand they are afraid of cutting it short, but am I not paying for it? So do it! Sheesh people!
Tomorrow I have another appointment, at yet a different place. Will see what happens. I also need to colour it, but after the fiasco (read: bad job!) at the Indian saloon a month or so ago, I am weary.

School. Since first semester I am taking all of my electives online. The first one was called "Personal Journey, Life Writing". We read a lot of excerpts and wrote a lot too. I loved it so much! At the end of the semester we had to write a short memoir. I am posting it today. Please let me know what you think, it's called "The Waiting", and yes, it's real, only minor things had to be made up for the sake of being a memoir. =)

oh, you want to know what marmalade has to do with my post? Nothing at all, I just thought it sounded cute! LOL

..:: Blessings ::..


  1. Bom, ainda bem que voce entao so pagou $20 dolares. Eu tb ja passei por isso e desde que a minha atual cabeleleira "resgatou" meu cabelo, nunca mais fui em outra. Estou precisando voltar nela, ja deve fazer 2 meses ou mais.

    Espero que consiga achar alguem que goste. E' frustrante mesmo. bjos

  2. I do agree! People are afraid of cutting long hair! During the last years, I used to have long hair, but three years ago I made up my mind: short hair is my name! The same problem: only the third hairdresser accepted the challenge and did what I asked for. Nowadays, my hair is really short, dark brown (it was blond) and the hairdresser is the same. Good luck!

  3. I pay a pretty penny to get my hair cut. So far that's the only way I've been able to find excellent stylists who aren't skittish with a pair of scissors. I love my current stylist, and the next time I go in she's all for me cutting my super long hair into a Katie Cruise cut. I hope you have much better luck with the next place!