Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Monday everyone!

First of all, movies. I watched There Will Be Blood yesterday. Long movie. The main character, David Plainview, is violent, mean, greedy, and crazy! I think the only time that he seems a little human is when he reads his dead brother's diary. Nothing that he did or said was honest and without a hidden agenda. Nothing. And to think that there are people like that in the real world?!

School is over since the 18th. Got my grades a few days ago. Didn't do too bad, which was a real surprise to me, this was a tough semester, my personal life has been in a roller coaster for several months. My GPA for the first semester was 3.57, and for the second was 3.64, so not bad at all, eh? I am looking for a job for the summer months, second year starts in September and I don't really want to stay home all the time.

With school done for the year, gone was my camera. :( I looked for my point and shoot, recharged the batteries. The only thing about it is that it fits anywhere =) . Last week had to go to the city and took some pictures while driving around. I miss having DoF! But... that doesn't change the fact that the photographer in me is still in here. It doesn't need a big and better camera. I realized that the last year in school taught me how to use my eyes to consciously see and look for things that before I knew were there but didn't have a clearly definition in my mind.

Which brings me to this link below. I was reading some of my blog feeds this morning, and came across this posting by Amy Pearson (photographer and digital scrapbooking designer). She "photo walks". =)

I will post some of my "photo walk" pictures later. I also want a new heading for this blog, something more bright and spring-ish looking.

For now, "I am finished". ;)


  1. Awww Elaine! I'm so glad you stopped by! I can't wait to see your pictures.

    (And I added you to my google reader so I'll keep stopping by, too. YAY! I love meeting new friends.) :)

  2. Well done on your study course! And I always chuck the camera in my bag (or in the pram if I'm taking out the grandbabies) amazing the photography opps on an ordinary day.

  3. congrats, superb grades! hope your summer is wonderful. hugs!!