Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rainy Saturday

What do you do when it's raining, your kids are off to a birthday party, and you're me? Right! You go to the movies! =)

I saw The Women, I had seen the trailer on tv and thought I'd enjoy it, plus it was the only one starting at the time I got there. There were a few other movies that I'd have liked to see as well, I decided if I had the time I'd see another one. The movie... at first it seemed like just like any other chick flick, funny, tearful, etc. But the plot got more interesting half into it. I ended up not seeing any other movie because I'd have to wait at least half a hour for the next one, I was worried about the kids.

Interesting facts about this movie, The Women. It's based on a play written in 1936 and it's been made into a movie first in 1939, also named The Women. There were no male actors on neither of the movies, all-female cast.

The other movies that I was interested in watching were: Burn After Reading, Traitor, and Righteous Kill, the latter with two of the greatest actors out there, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. I was listening to the radio while driving the other day and heard this guy comment about this movie, and how these two great actors are finally making a film together. I thought "huh? I think I've seen them together before". Indeed, it was 1995 when Heat came out, and if you like Pacino and De Niro you should watch it.

On my way home I stopped at Blockbuster, grabbed a few movies, and made another stop at the Beer Store and got me some Stella Artois - great beer! For those who don't know, in Canada alcohol can only be purchased at either the Beer Store or the Liquour Store, whereas in the US you can find it just about anywhere, much like in Brazil.

I decided to setup my camera (have you heard, the new 50D is coming out soon!) and a strobe and do a test shoot session. There was also this lens that I wanted to try, a Canon 14mm. Well, I left cases and stuff laying around and lo and behold, our dear cutest Mico found a new resting place:

The [not] so funny part was that she changed positions a couple of times, and as I was standing there trying to get some more shots of her, she stretched herself too much and they both - she and the case, tipped over and fell down. You should see this cat run!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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  1. This movie is on my list!!
    Cant wait to go see it..

  2. Your cat is cute! That is too funny!

  3. Estou DOIDA pra ver esse filme! Entao voce gostou? So que tem que ser com outras mulheres, Al nao iria comigo nem morto! rsrs.


  4. Nao estava botando muita fe' nesse filme nao, mas agora fiquei curiosa. Vai pra lista!

    Fui clicar no link pra ver qual era a sua camera na esperanca de que fosse parecida com a minha, ja' me adiantando pra pedir dicas... Mas eu acabei de comprar uma Nikon d60, pelo que eu vi o esquema das Canons e' um pouco diferente. Vou domando a minha aos poucos e observando as experimentacoes dos outros :)

  5. Nice foto, Elaine. And Stella Artois rules! :)

  6. That's the movie with NO men in it, right? I totally want to see that!

  7. Querida,
    Obrigada por ter visitado minha Salinha de Bordar.

  8. Eu fiquei curiosa com o filme!!!!!!!

    Queria ver tbm !!

    Beijosss Elaine

  9. Meninas, eu gostei demais do filme, eu espero que vcs assistam e falem sobre ele nos seus blogs, quero saber o que acharam. Fui no cinema sozinha, eu nao tenho problemas com ir sozinha nao, faco isso de vez em quando. Meu marido nunca pode, ta sempre ocupado com isso ou aquilo. Nao posso viver minha vida em funcao dele (but that's another story).

    Laural and Susan!
    If you go see the movie, I hope you post about it on your blogs!

    Hugs to all!