Thursday, September 18, 2008

Putting my foot in my mouth

I was getting out of A&P few days ago when a young girl asked me to buy some chocolate from her for her school's fund raising - which school I don't know, we get so many of those over here especially during school year that I don't even pay attention to the speech anymore. Bad, I know, and I apologize. I was in a hurry, my mind going through everything that I still needed to do before being able to go to bed.

Back to the point. The girl was accompanied by her sister and her mother. I paid for the chocolate bar, but didn't take it. The woman thanked me for the donation, and I told her I'd better not take the chocolate so I wouldn't have to fight temptation. I then told her that a few months ago I went to every McDonald's in sight looking for this toy that my son wanted. Just before getting into this one particular McDonald's a boy approached me and asked me to buy a chocolate bar to help his school fund raising.

I told him that I'd help but didn't want the bar. I added "You should offer something healthier than chocolate" and smiled. A woman standing nearby overheard the conversation and said to me "Yeah, like McDonald's, eh?"

I left with my foot in my mouth. =)

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School. This is going to be a fun semester. Hmmmm... almost everything is going to be shot on phase backs and 4x5's. Breath Elaine, breath. And enjoy.

I'll have to do a one-week work placement in October during reading week. After researching the field that interests me, I started contacting some of those photographers. I am both excited and anxious about it.

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